PVC Hose

  • PU Duct Hose Spring Wire

    PU Duct Hose is a very light weight, highly flexible and compressible hose used for abrasive dust, powder / fibers. Wall Pure Polyester Polyurethane with abrasion resistance and flame retardant addictives Spiral Spring steel wire (copper plated) Characteristics Halogen & Plasticizer free | Gas tight | High tensile strength | Smooth inner lining | According to TRBS 2153 (Zone 1, 21) for non flammable dust / bulk solids & gas / liquid with low conductivity of electrostatic charges when earthed at both ends of spiral | Hardly flammable according to DIN 4102 B1 Temperature –40°C to +90°C (peak up to 125°C) Wall Thickness approx 0.4mm
  • PVC Braided Hose

  • PVC Clear Hose

  • PVC Corrugated Suction Hose

  • PVC Duct Hose

  • PVC Silicone Duct Hose

    Silicone Duct Hoses are commonly used for high temperature air flow and fume removal. We have ready stocks and can supply bulk quantity as per requirement. COLOUR : BRICK RED OPERATING TEMP : - 60°C + 300°C DIAMETER : from 19 to 305 AXIAL COMPRESSIBILITY : 30% ON REQUEST : flame retardant V-0 (UL 94) APPLICATIONS : Silicon Duct Hose is used for various applications like Air Suction, Extraction & Blow, also with dusty particles at high temperature, specially for Ceramic Industries, Hopper Dryers, Yarn Drying Unit, Printing industries.
  • PVC Spring Hose

  • PVC Suction Hose – Smooth Surface

  • PVC Sunny Hose (Blue)

  • PVC Sunny Hose (Yellow)

  • PVC Yellow Spray Hose