Stainless Steel Hose

Flow Velocity Consideration
The flow velocity in corrugated metal hose should never exceed 150 ft/sec for gas, or 75 ft/sec for liquids. When the hose is installed in a bent condition, these flow values should be reduced proportionally to the degree of the bend. Where the flow velocity exceeds these rates, an interlocked metal hose liner is recommended.

Service Life
The Stainless steel corrugated hose is engineered to provide maximum service life when properly installed. Incorrect installation, incorrect flexing or careless handling in an application will reduce the effective service life of the hose and cause premature failure of an assembly. The service life can be affected by many external factors, the environment surrounding the assembly as well as the media being transferred will together determine a general guide to the service life.

Non Destructive Pressure Testing
The nominal pressure rating of a corrugated stainless hose varies according to type, material and size. The pressure can be affected by factors such as temperature, pulsation or shock conditions and bending stresses. To avoid distortion of the convolutions of the hose, the maximum test pressure quoted in the literature must not be exceeded. If requested all hoses can be tested to 11⁄2 times the customers stated working pressure, provided that this does not exceed the stated maximum test pressure.

Applicable Standards

If required your hoses can be manufactured for use with gas and water.

  • ISO 10380:2012
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AGA Approved: AS 4631:2005 (upon requirement)
  • Watermark Approved (upon requirement)
  • Welding Compliant to: AS 4041- Class 1 (upon requirement)